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A Dance of White Cranes & The Ocean in Her Eyes 

• Next Release: June 21st - Noon AKST 

I use high quality sterling silver or gold filled findings with all my products to ensure longevity of your adornments. My creations are made with care and one at a time. New arrivals normally come once a month. Be sure to check the website or follow me on social media for updates when new releases become available.

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Fireweed Collection

We can learn a lot from wildflowers. Here's to rising out of the ashes and blooming. Here's to being like Fireweed. Here's to withstanding the storms, devoted by the strength in our roots. To being graceful, compassionate and wise, and trusting that our season will come and we will not miss our time to bloom. New and old designs coming in 2024. 

Designs © All Rights Reserved


Tidal Empress Collection

Our hopes and dreams flow in like the tide. Embodying the Ocean's essence: empowerment, life, reflection, introspection, and undeniable SHINE. I hope this series calls to you like the Ocean. 

Designs © All Rights Reserved

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Hatcher Pass Collection

Alaska is home to the iconic "Happy Place". A breathtaking phenomena all year round. I designed this seasonal collection for you to wear your love for Hatcher Pass and all the stories you carry with you. New and old designs are coming in 2024. Pre-orders will be available.

Designs © All Rights Reserved

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Anchor Me, So I Can Dream Collection

This collection symbolizes the security we have as children, with parents who safely anchor our life so we can float and dream. It also stands for those adventures on the ocean, the moment you cast your anchor in a quiet cove, left to drift and dream. I built these designs from my own experiences, as an ode to my father LBT. Because of him, I was raised a --float-house girl.

Designs © All Rights Reserved


Bringing YOU

A timeless journey with CoastalDaughter through your favorite parts of the Inside Passage

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