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The Story of Coastal Daughter

Coastal Daughter was founded with one goal in mind: To rise with the tides. To rest when it’s time and rise when it’s time. Providing high-quality creations and original art. My passion for the coast and passion for creating has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future. 

I was raised in Southeast Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, my teenage years were spent living on a float-house with my older brother and father, 2 miles SE of Thorne Bay. Watching my fathers ingenuity to live rurally in comfort, his love of tinkering and craftsmanship instilled a love in me for being creative. I'm a self-taught artist, knitter, aspiring author, and now, bead weaver.

I've written two children stories (unpublished) and the journey of learning how to illustrate led me into the art world and where I am today. In 2021, after the loss of my father, I decided to start writing a memoir about my time living rurally with my family on the Ocean. I currently live up north in Houston Alaska, enjoying my time with my son as a stay at home mom. Cultivating and growing with the opportunity, progression, creative scene and network up here, but always staying close to my roots in Southeast, close to coast.

Thank you for stopping by to my little corner of the World. I appreciate each and every one of you!

You can see more of my artwork & memoir excerpts on IG @coastaldaughter

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